Apple’s iOS 15.4: The Most Important Updates Coming Next Week

Apple’s iOS 15.4: The Most Important Updates Coming Next Week

Here’s what to expect when Apple’s new operating system arrives on your iPhone.
Apple's iOS 15.4
Apple’s iOS 15.4

The most recent iOS update will be available very shortly.

The operating system on your iPhone is about to be updated. At its first event of the year, Apple revealed Tuesday that its new iOS would be available next week. Five beta versions of iOS 15.4 were released, including AirTag anti-stalking alerts, a gender-neutral Siri voice option, new emoji, Face ID upgrades, and the long-awaited debut of Universal Control. The public beta of iOS 15.4 has now been released. A final version of the operating system will be available as a free upgrade next week, preloaded on the new green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro and the current iPhone SE.  iOS 15.4 is the fourth significant upgrade to iOS 15, released in September with the iPhone 13. These updates, which began with iOS 15.1 in December, have added new capabilities and old upgraded ones to Apple’s iPhone operating system. In addition, IOS 15.3.1, which Who published last month to address a security vulnerability in iPhones and iPads; iOS 15.4 will be launched.  We recommend installing the beta on a tester device rather than your personal iPhone, as with any operating system beta. Beta releases are designed to test for stability and bugs, which means they aren’t as well-optimized as release versions, which means you’ll likely get less battery life and app instability. 

When will iOS 15.4 be released?

Apple hasn’t specified a specific release date for iOS 15.4, but it has stated that it will be available as a free upgrade next week. According to Apple, iOS 15.4 will be preloaded on the new green iPhone 13, the alpine green iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone SE.

How can I get the iOS 15.4 beta?

You’ll need to join Apple’s Beta Software Program to get started. Once you’re in the programme, go to Apple and get the configuration profile. The current beta version should be available by navigating to Settings > General > Software update and selecting Download and Install. Due to the buggy nature of beta tests, we only recommend this for secondary and tester devices.

What does it mean to have universal control?

Universal Control allows you to use other devices as second screens, smoothly transferring content across them with only one device. This much-anticipated feature was initially planned for macOS Monterey. But it was postponed until “this spring,” according to a new timeline. Universal Control appears in the iOS 15.4 beta and will be released as a public beta along with the Monterey OS 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4 updates.

Is it possible to utilize Face ID with masks?

Face ID is being updated by Apple to be used while wearing a mask. Face ID requires you to be more specific about the angle at which you’re holding your phone because it uses a smaller piece of your face to authenticate your identity. If your phone requires you to look at the screen more closely, it will alert you. People who use glasses should use the upgraded feature, but it will not operate with sunglasses.

What new emojis are on the way?

You’re going to adore iOS 15.4 if you’re someone who takes care in using unique and amusing emojis. The update includes 37 new emoji, including new options for pregnant people, hands forming a heart shape, a salute, and a lip-biting emoji, which is my personal favourite. In addition, a dissolving face, a face holding back tears, a bird’s nest, coral, a lotus, a low battery, and kidney beans were among the items displayed last fall. Another new feature in the update is using the camera to copy text from objects while in the Notes or Reminders applications. The iOS 15.4 beta also fixes a flaw involving recordings of Siri interactions, as reported by ZDNet.

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