Best Android Hacking Apps For Android Users In 2022

Best Android Hacking Apps For Android Users

This is a list of the Best Android Hacking Apps for Android Users. We will make every effort to ensure that you fully comprehend this list of the Best Android Hacking Apps for Android Users. I hope you like my list of the Best Android Hacking Apps for Android Users”. So let’s get started: Best Android Hacking Apps APKPureFiles

The Best Android Hacking Apps for Android Users

Unauthorized access to a computer or network is referred to as hacking. In recent years, cybersecurity has become all the rage. And the demand for Android security and penetration testing has risen in recent years. There is an app for everything on Android. You should learn fundamental and extensive analysis/testing on Android devices whether you are a network administrator, a professional pentester, or someone who aspires to become a white hat hacker. Hacking apps for Android that allow you to gather data and identify flaws. None of these involve rooting your Android phone, making them simple to use for beginners. Most of the time, you’re staring at a screen while a script or software takes care of the heavy lifting. Furthermore, the vast majority are more worried than anything else about network security. You can’t use an Android app to crack someone’s Facebook password. Everyone believes that hacking can only be done on a computer, however, technology has advanced to the point that cellphones can now perform all of the functions of a computer. Hackers typically utilize Linux-based operating systems on their PCs for hacking. Your Android is also a Linux-based operating system.

Check out this list of the finest Android hacking applications for your smartphone or tablet.

1:AndroRat Remote Administration Tool for Android, or AndroRAT, is a client/server application created in Java Android for the client-side and Java/Swing for the server, to remotely control and retrieve information from an Android machine. the same. AndroRAT is an acronym for Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool), a type of malware that has been circulating recently. It started as a proof of concept, but the malware has evolved. With AndroRAT, a remote attacker can take control of the victim.

Download AndroRat


Fing is a Google Play Store app that shows you what’s going on with your Wi-Fi network, all connected devices, hidden cameras in the building, bandwidth utilization, and more. To get the entire picture, use the bird’s eye view to set parental controls, block intruders, monitor ISP performance, run ping tests, traceroutes, and check ports on your network. With the toolbox of the world’s most popular network, you can find which devices are connected to any Wi-Fi network, map devices, detect intruders, assess network security risks, fix network problems, and achieve the greatest network performance.

3:hack code

It’s a set of several tools for ethical hackers, IT professionals, and penetration testers. Reconnaissance, Scanning, and Security Feed are the three modules that makeup Hackode. Hackode is the ideal approach to begin your ethical hacking experience while remaining anonymous, as it does not ask for your personal information. You can receive a lot of fundamental information, such as Whois, as well as port scanning, route tracing, DNS and IP lookups, and other things. He’s an expert in penetration testing and other related topics. The UI, like others, is very basic and can be difficult to read at times.


You may use DriveDroid to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files on your phone. This is great for trying out Linux distributions or having a backup system on hand… There’s no need to burn any CDs or USB flash devices. In our tests, however, it functioned and showed me all of the active sessions on my WiFi network. DroidSheep is a WiFi network sniffer for Android. Start tracking network activity by opening the app. It can monitor various types of online activity, including social media, web browsing, and other activities. If you’re not used to this type of thing, the user interface is a little rudimentary and tough to read.


cSploit is Android’s most comprehensive and powerful professional security tool, intended for IT security specialists and geeks. It is portable and works on rooted Android. It’s a hacking tool that catalogs local hosts, installs backdoors, scans for vulnerabilities, and uses exploits to find Wi-Fi passwords, among other things. This toolset enables you to do network security evaluations using an Android smartphone. cSploit is a version of dSploit that has been updated. It includes several capabilities, including the ability to map your local network, fingerprint hosts’ operating systems, open ports, add your hosts outside the local network, and integrate traceroute.


One of the greatest Android apps for hacking from a smartphone is zANTI. It contains nearly all of the security capabilities needed to get into any Wi-Fi network. IT security professionals can use this simple mobile toolkit to imitate an advanced attacker and detect the dangerous strategies they utilize to penetrate the company network. Zanti is a similar app to Droid Sheep, but it has a lot more features, including the ability to crack passwords and steal your neighbor’s WiFi, as well as perform man-in-the-middle attacks and block requests to redirect the victim to any website you like.


Faceniff is another Android hacking tool that allows anyone to listen in on your Wi-Fi network data and detect it. This app allows you to hijack sessions from prominent social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media accounts using Android smartphones (only when WiFi is not utilizing EAP). This hacker’s preferred tool grabs cookies from a Wi-Fi network and enables the attacker access to the victim’s account without their knowledge. However, we advise only using it for ethical reasons and only after gaining permission from the target device’s owner.

8:APK Checker

Analysts and reverse engineers use APKInspector to visualize built Android packages and associated DEX code. Users can acquire a deep understanding of dangerous programs using APKInspector’s analysis tools and graphical features. Distribute the. You can share the APK file and app icon with your friends from this page. Apk Inspector also includes shortcuts for opening, uninstalling, and viewing your Google Play apps. You can also search for all of the permissions that apps have requested on your device and identify apps based on the rights they have requested.

Finally, the best Android hacking apps for Android Users are listed below.

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