In Geekbench, the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra outperforms the 28-core Intel Mac Pro

In Geekbench, the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra outperforms the 28-core Intel Mac Pro.

Mac Studio Apple announced Mac Studio on Tuesday, including the powerful M1 Max CPU by default. However, a more expensive model with the M1 Ultra, a new Apple Silicon processor that is even quicker than the M1 Max, is also available. A Geekbench test shows that Apple’s new CPU outperforms the 28-core Intel Mac Pro, giving us a better understanding of its performance.

Apple Compares

Apple compares the new CPU to the 16-core Intel Xeon W processor featured in the Mac Pro on its website. The M1 Ultra chip, however, is more potent than the 28-core Intel Xeon W, which is the highest-end processor available for Apple’s tower computer, according to a leaked Geekbench result.

Single Core M1

Unsurprisingly, the M1 Ultra achieves a single-core score of 1747, which is nearly identical to the other M1 variations (since the main difference between them is the number of cores). The 20-core M1 Ultra, on the other hand, gets 24055 in the Geekbench 5 test when it comes to multi-core. But how does this stack up against Intel’s top-of-the-line processors? The best CPU for Mac Pro is the 28-core Intel Xeon W-3275M, which scored 19951 in Multi-Core. This indicates that the M1 Ultra is around 20% quicker than the most costly Intel Mac Pro CPU available.

Mac Studio

Although the results are surprising because Mac Studio is far more compact and efficient than Mac Pro, the M1 Ultra chip does not make Mac Studio superior to Mac Pro in every case. For example, users of the Mac Pro can combine two Radeon Pro GPUs with 64GB apiece or add up to 1.5TB of RAM — components that can have a more significant influence on performance than the CPU in some cases. According to Apple, a new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will be released at some point, making me wonder how powerful the chip designed for this computer will be.

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