Your Android Phone Is About to Get Some New Features

Your Android Phone Is About to Get Some New Features

Android Phone Portrait Blur is coming to additional phototypes on Android and Nearby Share for many devices at once, grammar check in Gboard, and more.      On Thursday, Google released a slew of new Android updates. Android also upgraded Google TV, Photos, Widgets, Gboard, and Nearby Share, in addition to paying for parking with voice commands and a slew of Messages changes, including iPhone-like replies. Android Phone Update 2022 2

The following are the most recent Android features:

Google One:

For Pixel users and Google One subscribers, Portrait Blur is coming to new sorts of photographs, including ones with plants, pets, and food. You can also apply the blurring effect to the backdrop of previously taken photos. It was once only possible on portrait-mode images of individuals.


By pressing to add extra people during a transfer, Android users may now share photographs, videos, links, audio files, and documents with numerous nearby people at once. All Android 6+ devices are currently receiving the update.

Google TV

A new Highlights section on Google TV compiles your favorite shows into a feed. It includes news items and reviews on your favorited and recommended series and movies, and a single tap will take you to the movie or TV show, where you may watch it, add it to your watch list, or write a review.


A new screen time widget will be added to highlight how much time you’ve spent on your phone’s top three most-used apps, which Google claims will help users “reflect on their digital well-being regularly.” It will allow you to set daily app timers, use “focus mode” to pause specific apps to a particular time each day, and use “bedtime mode” to silence your phone and make the display black and white whenever you go to sleep.

Offline live transcription:

 Offline mode now includes real-time speech-to-text captioning. The app is either preinstalled on Samsung and Pixel phones or downloaded for free.

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